5 KEYS TO AWARENESS; Learn the secrets of self f discovery in order to unleash passion

By December 18, 2016High Performance


‘You are here to enable the divine purpose of the Universe to unfold’.
We were born into time for a reason within a finite period. It is our responsibility to open our mind to our limitless potential through the five keys of awareness.

Look around you; everything exists in a dichotomy of opposites. Light/darkness, man/woman, external/internal, form/spirit, top/bottom. One cannot do without the other. Hence everything that happens in the duality is preparing us for the purpose of maturing into the best version of ourselves. Nothing happens by accident. Hence with this clarity in mind, we must embrace with love and surrender our experiences that have made us who we are.

Change cannot occur with the past. But unfortunately, it is deposited in our memory bank which is the subconscious mind. The past if not managed can be retrieved to make the decision on the present and the future.
We must forget the past, embrace it and make peace with it. We must focus on the present moment to unleash passion. Everything happens in the present moment both the past and future choices. The Universe itself aligns in harmony with the now. Dwell in the now and see how the future unfolds in peace with the Universe.

The opinions of others continually influence our choices. We are affected by what we see rather than the unseen. We embrace the agenda of others rather than ours. Our potential is within our spirit. Hence we need to focus within to discover it. Take out time and listen to inner whispers of the heart motivating us to destiny. Learn to shut the conversation in mind and begin to create silence. In stillness, creativity is born. Meditation is the technique used to keep the mind still to align with the creativity of the Universal energy.

Everything made manifest began from the mind. We came from the infinite limitless of the unseen to the seen bounded by time and space. Thoughts are created, nurtured, and with the end in mind are born into the physical. We must overcome all the distractions and focus inwards. Make out time to be alone with nature each month and look inwards. It is your journey, so play your music. Unleash your potential into the world and make a difference. As spirit that is infinite and limitless, there are no boundaries. We have the ability within to overcome limitations in form. Do what you love, and the Universal energy of love will align with you to achieve unprecedented success.

What keeps the Earth and other planetary bodies in oscillation round the sun? What keeps the whole system in the body collaborating to function at its optimal capacity? What keeps the nail growing?
We reawaken each day with trust to the harmony that exists in nature. We surrender to the events that are beyond our intellect or rational reasoning. We acknowledge most especially in death that a force exists and give it names like Universal Energy, Allah, Jehovah, God and so on.
In this context, I will refer to it as God.
God is a Spirit which cannot be seen but felt by the intuitive perception of the right brain. We are the ideal expression of the love of God made manifest. Hence God is Love and creativity springs forth from Love. We must love what we do and humanity to make a difference in the world.
Pursue your passion with all diligence, align with the Universal Energy of Love and all things will work in harmony for its manifestation.

Inspired means in spirit. We must act from a high level of consciousness that generates and motivate positive energy. The creation of positive energy creates enthusiasm spurring us into action. The physical world is made up of both positive and negative vibrations. The positive vibrations such as love, honesty, sincerity, integrity are lighter and feed the spirit. The harmful waves which include hate, anger, jealousy, envy are heavier and earthbound.
To be in in the spirit is to align with our true essence which is limitless and infinite. We are not our bodies.
As transient beings, we own nothing as all achievement belongs to the ego. Our self-worth through love is what we contribute to humanity and the impact of our abilities.
Tremendous contributions can be achieved in spirit when we function from our higher selves.


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