SPIRITUAL RE-AWAKENING….Dr Wayne Dyer’s legacy lives on

By October 28, 2015Spirituality

A loud cry ushers it from eternity into time, environmental changes, and all others associated with time creates its response. Alternatively, sober reflection and tiredness of the vicissitudes of time marks its final exit from time.

Man is born with borrowed time, equipped with creativity from its source to make its temporary abode a better place. The vision of its existence transcends beyond him but encompasses a wider vision from its source. It is man’s responsibility to find out the vision and pursue it. Nature is abundant, the ground, the seas, the air that fills his lungs with oxygen. Hence there is no lack but man creates it with his thought forms.

Man’s responsibility is to discover his purpose and hence his identity. This was the search that led me to embark on this journey of spiritual enlightenment in the Holy land. Without seeing, a gentile, I believed in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ who taught us abundant Love, Meekness, Purity, Peace, Righteousness, Mercy. Without aggressive conquest of warfare, his apostles were able to spread the message to the Roman Empire who then believed, spreading these truths to the entire globe. These truths are captured in the bible, the Holy Book of the message of Christ. These teachings are the guidelines in  living a rewarding life here on earth, preparing for a matured soul that will be lighter to soar into purity.

It was an incredible journey by water. Our ship, the Celebrity Silhouette with over 2500 people on board sailed from the port of Civitavecchia, Rome to Ashdod port, Jerusalem. We had a tour in all the holy sites, including his Tomb, the synagogues, the temples, then Masada, the mountain retreat of the jews from the invading Romans, the first Basillica at the Mountain where Christ delivered the Beattitudes, then Haifa, the dead sea. We made stops at Ephesus, Turkey where the Mother Mary lived with John, progressed to Mykonos and Athens in Greece, Valletta in Malta all embracing the spread of the gospel of Jesus by his apostles. Finally back in Rome where we disembarked with an awareness that transformed both our physical and spiritual essence for the rest of our lives.

We had gained knowledge, people from different races and cultures connected with a burning desire to feed their souls and reconnect to their true identity, mainly middle aged, have finally made peace with their inner souls. It will never be the same again as we realized that we are one in a state of being…each of us unique, a one time phenomenon of our creator. We resolved that we shall henceforth in unison manifest our true essence in contribution and service until we are called forth to eternity.

We are LIGHT.

Baptism in the River Jordan

Baptism in the River Jordan


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