By September 1, 2015Spirituality

Your state of connection to your source determines your spirituality. We came from a state of  bracket open non being to a state of being bracket closed. So we have a finite period in time , so what do you do with that time that has been bestowed to you? Time is irreplaceable, that is your gift.Use it wisely to serve the world that you are born into.

You cannot experience humanity without your connection to Source.

Source which is infinite, interpreted as God, or whatever name you want to call it, is necessary in order to function in humanity. Aligning with source connects you to your creative ability, which allows you to create your reality.The mind is vast.”As a man thinketh so is he”. You can achieve anything you set your mind in doing. Creativity lives in you.You are not defined by your possessions or what others think about you, your identity is in the I AM.The Love that brought the world into creativity. With this identity you will be equipped to contribute to the world, leaving it better than you saw it.

Let it be said that you lived, loved and contributed to humanity.That is the ultimate Journey.

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