By September 5, 2015Communication

Expertise in communication is paramount to success. The first entry of the human baby into time is heralded by a sounding cry communicating to the world of its arrival. Communication is the ability of putting thoughts into words. It involves both Verbal and Non-verbal communication.The non verbal is usually the loudest form of communication. In organizations, the ‘unsaid’defines the team and their commitment to organizational goals. The ‘unsaid’ can be discern intuitively by the responses, body language of the Messenger. For best team works, the ‘unsaid’ must be brought to the open by verbal communication to avoid misinterpretations and rackets.

In the communication process, the Messenger who conveys the message becomes a vital factor.There are three types;

  • Superior to Inferior
  • Inferior to Superior
  • Equal to Equal


This is the communication between the Boss and the Subordinate. It is usually an autocratic relationship practiced in some countries in the world. This is not practiced in the United States because of its values that all men are created equal. It is common amongst the aristocracy and its subject, across races where there is a condescending attitude based on the color of the skin, educational qualifications. In this process the instructions are given, work line is regimented, the subordinate makes relatively little or no input. This method is no longer applicable to the twenty first century of Management.


Communication process is inhibited as the subordinate does not have the confidence to relate with management. This is usually due to lack of confidence arising from feeling inferior. The inferiority arises out of fear that the other person is better. Putting the other person in proper perspective that he is human conquers fear. Improving or acquiring skills overcomes fear and heightens confidence. To achieve organizational goals, employees must be confident to relate with management and encourage the flow of information.


This is the modern process of communication that allows easy access across all levels of the organization. It is democratic, respects the individual without condescension as every employee is allowed to contribute verbally to the goals of the organization. In modern day application, walls where management isolate themselves in the form of bureaucratic secretaries, offices are dismantled. Management offices are open to allow in flow of communication at all levels. Organizational goals remains paramount to individual interest. Success becomes the cumulative contribution of all irrespective of status.





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